Joy of Blues

i run, petrified of this turmoil of events
trying to wrap me in its depth of darkness
suffocated reaching out for an escape,
in this labyrinth that swallows me
in its melancholic extent, i have nowhere to go,
what have gotten into this place
i was once covered by warmth,
once again i run, petrified i wanted to go yet I’m still here,
waiting for the breeze of your love
that crawls up to my skin and radiates my heart,
i am stuck confused of the emotions swirling inside me,
melancholy collides with ecstasy,
the euphoria you induce upon me is irrefutable, so is the blues
here i am again, unable to move yet i adore to be here


©Mikaela B. “Aurora Boo”
Twitter: @stellaabooo
IG: @mikaelabarleta


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