Fairest of them all

mirror, mirror on the wall
who’s the fairest of them all?
a familiar face was shown,
yet everything’s uncanny
my reflection sat on the mirror
she smiled as i smiled, yet
the smile did not reach her eyes,
she was me, but she was not

her eyes started to show pain,
chaos, distress and sadness,
tried to reach out but her
vulnerability might shatter her
she cried out of angst,
cried herself to death,
i stood there unaware
of what I should do

surprisingly, she stared at me
jitters crept up my skin,
i saw myself in her eyes,
crying out for help
she was molded to
become a figure
that would please
the people she love

but it was not enough,
tried to breakthrough,
it will never be enough,
she will never be enough
the choice is upon me
to break the mirror,
stand up and fight,
but i also feel the same
as her.


©Mikaela B. “Aurora Boo”
Twitter: @stellaabooo
IG: @mikaelabarleta


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