The End

All the love have vanished
Shared an affection with
A person I thought was a lover,
Everything’s dull, now all I can
see is nothing but a stranger

A complete different stranger,
His arms that once felt delicate
It’s so clear, I thought I knew him
I haven’t realized I relied too much

Perplexed, hoping this was all a
nightmare. Surprisingly, it isn’t,
Everything’s keen it drowns me
in its depth, completely smothered

Indulged himself with another’s
affection, forgetting the idea of me
Inconsiderate, abhorrent, egoistic,
This act of adversity is ineffable

Born to believe you wouldn’t do that,
but dear you are fooling yourself,
it wasn’t me who have wasted the
ethereal in this love we created

Let the pain pierce through your flesh,
for you have given up a person who
have understood and loved you
despite your worst side

Breathless, the battle has long gone,
I suppose love is not enough to fight,
Jaded and lethargic, it’s time to yield
For what is still the point of this?


©Mikaela B. “Aurora Boo”
Twitter: @stellaabooo
IG: @mikaelabarleta


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