Lost in You

Open your eyes, you’ll see the truth
Truth penetrates right into your soul
Let me close it once again, and I know
But with everything so clear it hurts,
Lived my life with so much expectations,
Tried to fool myself, I do not need it but
still tried to reach for it, I truly believed
I deserve it, I’m jaded but I’m still waiting.

Open your soul, they get to it however,
you realize you’re the only one naked.
There’s a vague distance, yet so tangible
Clear affection, a complexity within,
Inequity so undeniable, anxiety inevitable
I regained myself because I am waiting.

I long, I long to be in your universe,
I long to drown and be lost in you.
I long for an honest heart that doesn’t
seek for anything else.

Am I asking too much?
What more could I do?
So many questions yet I tried to make
myself believe that I needn’t any,
deep in me, I’m desperate for answers.
I am desperate. I crave.


©Mikaela B. “Aurora Boo”
Twitter: @stellaabooo
IG: @mikaelabarleta


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