Here I am to bravely confess that I will embrace this fear,
this fear that every human being are afraid of: acceptance.
Right in this moment, I am here to embrace everything-
by then, accepting wouldn’t cause me anymore pain, rather
I will be free from it.

Let me reciprocate once again before I
fully let this go, I tried to change you, tried to show you
how much you’re worth, and tried to force myself in order
for you to feel delighted. But you see, I tried but I get tired.
I’m tired of expectations, confusions, and of the complexity
within. I’m tired of seeing you dissatisfied, tired of seeing as
if all the efforts are in vain. Is it me or is it you?

But you see, after all that happened, I still tried to regain myself,
no matter how tired I am because I wanted to show you this
selfless love of mine, selfless. The chaos between us doesn’t
mean anything for I still believe in us and will always will.

There would be no more pretensions, pain will be handled
and acceptance would overpower the poison.

I am staying. But it will change. You’re free and I accept that.
Lifting the expectations and demands, go now and breathe.
Be free, and do things in accordance to your will.


©Mikaela B. “Aurora Boo”
Twitter: @stellaabooo
IG: @mikaelabarleta



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